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Position the helicoid around the three PVC pipes clockwise or counterclockwise depending on the antenna you want to build, (RHCP or LHCP). On the picture provided it’s an LHCP antenna.

At the basis of the helicoid we mark on the helicoid the PVC-helicoid contact positions according to the provided dimension table.

First mark from the base is at 178mm, from N-type connector to position B, next 23 marks every 237,3mm and you will get a 59mm free hanging cable in the end.To do so we used plastic ABS filament marked every 712/3=237,3mm

As soon as the positions of the helicoid are marked on the PVC pipes tire-ups should be used to initially position the helicoid to the PVC pipes, except at position B, during that it’s advised to constantly check the geometry and the proper positioning of the antenna.

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